Taking a Mistake and Running with it…

Today I was told of a mistake made by accident.

$ peep – You’re closing next Tuesday right?
me – Next Tuesday? Nooo, we’re closing on 6/30.
$ peep – What?
me – Yea. It’s been 6/30 since the beginning.
$ peep – Oh no! You’re not closing next week?!
me – We can’t because the sellers have work contracts until 6/30 so we’re have to wait.
$ peep – Well, everything is ready. I hurried the bank and got you cleared for closing next Tuesday.
me – Wow. Nice. I wish we could.
$ peep – Why can’t you? It’s only a week?
me – Like I said, the sellers have work contracts until the end of June.
$ peep – Well, this is only good until 6/22 so I’ll need additional paperwork from you.
me – No worries. We’ll get it all to you in the next week or so.

After that conversation I was a bit flustered and confused. One of the strange things that happened through this process is that nobody seems to remember when the closing date is set for. “When are you closing again?” “You’re closing… This month, next month?” Etc. It seems to me that this would be one of the key things displayed in a financial account. Especially since everything revolves around… The closing.

I told Emma the situation and we both shrugged it off. Oh well, one or to more faxes won’t hurt us.

A few hours ago I spoke with the seller (the husband) just to touch base and let them know that everything was in order and to share a silly experience (noted above). He interrupted me and said “Any time around the 20th will be fine.” My draw LITERALLY dropped.

He spoke with his wife and confirmed that the 22nd would be fine.

HOT DAMN! We may get to move in early if all goes uber well. Which it should since it’s all in order – save the lien search. But that’ll be done in 1 week. SCORE!

Tomorrow I’m going to speak with the $ peeps and see how much the closing would be if we moved in on 6/24 (Friday) Vs 6/30 (Thursday – a holiday weekend). Whoohoo!

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