Texas… ?

It’s 10:15 AM and I’m sitting pretty at 36,000 feet. Yup, I’m flying… to Texas.

Just before leaving the gate some older dude in row 6 comes over and says hello to the guy next to me. “Good to see ya. Blah, blah, blah.” I hardly pain attention to him but he figured it was important to notice me. “There are a bunch of empty seats in the back…” My thought was very different than my response. “Ah, I actually choose this seat because…” He stopped listening at that point and said “I just thought they might like some room to stretch out.

Insert blank confused stare here.

The couple next to me are in their 70’s or possibly older. Stretch out? What are they going to do… Yoga? Sigh. 5D, it’s an aisle seat and I choose it yesterday when I saw it free and I’m stoked because it’s the first row for we non 1st class types which means getting off of the plane is like ordering fries at McDonald’s. THWAP. Foods up.

Texas… Ayut. It’s been the only way I’ve reacted to the thought of going. I’m not quite sure what will happen while I’m there – other than Learning about Learning Objects in a workshop – but it is definitely going to be a first for me. Texas. It’s just so peculiar that I’m going to Austin. I wish I could elaborate on why. Maybe… Maybe it’s the idea of being in a place, in the US, that I’ve never thought to visit that’s got me confused. If I had the chance I wouldn’t have chosen Texas. Now if I had to go somewhere I haven’t explored in the US yet I’d be interested in Colorado, Washington, or Minnesota. Hell, it’d be fun to go there just for the fun of it. Hmm. 0= )

Nah. I’ve got another trip planned already and it has nothing to do with the US. Here we go England here we go (clap clap).

Dreams can suck. Last night I dreamt that emma was critiquing my financial planning and wouldn’t back down on her position. It sucked (read hurt) and I felt as if there as nowhere to go. I happened to wake up during an attempt to make her realize how judgmental she was being of my personal finances. It was, I think, pitch black, 4:18AM, and she was sound asleep. I don’t know why but I actually woke up enough to make sense of everything and so I said “Hello.” and reached my arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. Emma responded from her torpor with a “Hello.” and dutifully collapsed back into her coma. The dream was over and all was better.

So odd how the brain works. Without even thinking about something it commands pain(s), stress(es), etc. throughout the body. Seeing as how there are less than 21 days till the closing I think my mind and body are moving back into alignment. Having sick time pays off when used effectively.

Tuesday was that day. I got to work and felt sluggish and ragged… The week hadn’t started yet – a bad sign. Within one and a half hours (I arrived at 830) I was planning my departure. The weekend, as I wrote earlier, wasn’t as relaxing as it could (should) have been. The noise, the physical pain, and all the traveling took me down a notch when it could (should) have been a reset button weekend. That need was filled within less than 6 hours while sitting at 21 with my trusty PB and KX2. I purged some thoughts, contacted a SLEW of people about the skydiving adventure in August, reorganized my Address Book, got some sun, and, AND, found a few moments of peace.


It hit me. I felt the excitement of, you’re going to laugh, the idea that I had to pack! Excitement! You read that right. Whoohoo! I became so motivated that I cleaned our wonderful corner of 21 later the next night while emma was out with the mers – aka the basement.

I’m ready to start packing again.
I’m ready for 11o1 to happen.
I’m ready for the crazy weekend fun that will take place over the next month or so.
I’m ready, ready, ready hot damn!

10:50AM with 3 hours and 51 minutes left to the battery. Tis time for some more house cleaning – aka Address Book reorganizing.

One last thing… Laces. Jyane.

Update – 12:27PM (11:27 Texas time) DONE! Everything is now updated in the Address Book. Now all I need to do is make sure I’ve got get addresses and b-days from a buncha peeps. Rock! Just in time too… We’re descending. = D

Update #2 – The car service arrived . It was a bit difficult determining if it was my ride I tell ya. Why? Well, without their logo on the side of the van… You get the point. The gent that drove me, David, asked why I’m here. I said for some workshop on Learning Objects. His response was hilarious.

D – What’s that? Burning Objects?
G – Learning Objects?
D – Burning Obj…
G – Learning.
D – Oh.
G – Yea.
D – It sounded like some Satanical thing.
G – Yea. Burn! That’d be a fun workshop! Set it on fire. Haha.

He finally heard learning but WOW. He’s not Texan. He’s originally from Massachusetts and worked in Manhattan for years. He retired here 3 years ago. Insert blank stare here.

End of line.

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  1. Aw:( I think you’re fabulous with your personal finances. In fact I think I commented on how organized you are recently. Happily a dream is just a dream. And I didn’t meet the next president of West Wing. Missing you in the tempur. Laces.

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