The AIM Experiment: Part 1

I believe I have been able to determine that my screen name has been blocked by None. After careful tests conducted over the past 5 days or so I have not seen her s/n sign on ONCE. Using my previous technique – opening a AIM window with a s/n in it to see if a person signs on/off during the day/eve have revealed… has revealed nothing.

Since it is impossible to prove a negative I am forced to think in other methods and to prove this theory.

My hypothesis is this – It is more likely than not that None has checked her email since I began this test approximately 5 days ago.

Since I have not seen her s/n online, and neither has my Avenga, nor has Emma, I feel I am able to conclude that all of our screen names have been blocked. While this is not provable I will continue the experiment with my work pc and my home pc until next Monday. At that time I believe I will have verifiable proof – the lack of a single sign on/off – that a promise has been broken. The promise to “never block” my “screen name.”

And thus concludes the introductory portion of my experiment. A follow up will be posted next week.

10-13-2004 12:10 am

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