The AIM Experiment: Part 2

The experiment is over. Effective 10/17/04 at approximately 11:40 PM my s/n – gploski – was unblocked by None. The interesting fact is that this is the ONLY s/n that was removed. The ironic event that led to my awareness of the removal is minimally interesting but should be noted nonetheless. I was on my PC and decided that it was time to brush the toofs. So I went to get the (wonderful) Sonicare. Instead of taking my time I put toothpaste on it and immediately returned to my PC only to see that None was available. I screen captured the page and pasted it into Photoshop and then looked at her on line time…. 5 minutes. Well that didn’t make any sense to me at ALL. I watched and waited until I saw the first update to my test window:

BlndBluprNcss signed off at 11:50:50 PM. 10/17/04

Since then the test window has revealed the following:

BlndBluprNcss signed on at 6:45:00 PM. 10/18/04
BlndBluprNcss signed off at 6:50:01 PM. 10/18/04
BlndBluprNcss signed on at 9:57:57 PM. 10/18/04
BlndBluprNcss signed off at 9:59:12 PM. 10/18/04
BlndBluprNcss signed on at 10:25:22 AM. 10/19/04
BlndBluprNcss signed off at 10:30:25 AM. 10/19/04
BlndBluprNcss signed on at 12:17:08 PM. 10/20/04
BlndBluprNcss signed off at 12:17:53 PM. 10/20/04
BlndBluprNcss signed on at 4:56:14 PM. 10/20/04
BlndBluprNcss signed off at 5:44:13 PM. 10/20/04

While the test screen at work with my work s/n has revealed:

That’s right… Big Fat Ziperoonie. Nada for those keeping score at home.

Duh. If you’re going to do something go all out. Avenga appears to be blocked still, lol, and so, obviously, is emma. So sad that she turned on her promise to “never block” me. Such was her way. I’m willing to bet she had no idea that I was testing for so long. Haha. Ah it’s great to know the inner workings of techy toys. Lalalala. 10-21-2004 01:39 am

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