The Burn

And then it was over. More than one year ago I was asked to take part in ‘War Music’ by Michael Early. Today I find myself sitting around wondering what to do next. The text is amazing. The show went over well with everyone that attended. And I, along with the cast, learned a great deal. Give that a great to Tony the Tiger.

emma was the repeat queen of the show. She was at all three which was so fortunate for me, and the cast, because she didn’t just got for me, she enjoyed the show abundantly! Jokes were made about her attendance. T’was a very kind of joking around. The question of whether this kind of thing was in our nuptials or not was laughed about. Nope… I’m just lucky is all. Very lucky.

Drawbacks? Yup. My face feels like it’s being stabbed by hundreds of needles under and around my eyes. It seems that we all had a reaction to the make-up. Gold powder does that I guess. Honestly Happily that is/was the worst of the experience. There were moments during the rehearsal process that were very difficult. Nothing new in that of course.

I have some pics that will be posted soon enough. I’ve been trying to repair a dead hdd all week. ALL WEEK. I want to throw the towel in but 93% of the drive has been scanned/repaired. Time to relax, shower, and then head over to a dance piece that my coworker Emily Sharp is in. Merde!

To everyone that attended the show from near and far I’d like to thank you so very much. It was (to date) my favorite SLC piece. There are talks about doing the full piece instead of just the first part… Time will tell if this can or will happen.

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