The Calming Calm

I don’t know why or how but things simmered down earlier this week. At the same time, with a string of planned and unplanned events, the week zipped by faster than a 1 KB text file could be compressed. Poof. Where did he go Tennessee?

iron man issue-76Whoohoo to the Tony Stark casting for Iron Man! Robert Downey Jr.! Score!

Tonight marked the first “Circle” gathering. Four of the original six met in the same space to work together using Ed Sherin’s workshop ideas. Tonya, Alison, Anne, and I kicked off what I hope will become a weekly evening event. I’m sick of acting in my head and trying to “figure things out” by reading the lines over and over and over again while someone tells me where to go.


Huh. Yea. Things aren’t nuts. I thought I’d have more time to myself this week but a phone call and a movie took up the solo time. Alas. It’s good to have friends. JK called on Tuesday and Drew had a couple hours free Wednesday. Tonight… BT called and we chatted for 30 minutes. Yeah tomodachi! I smile and I yawn. Oh yea, big yawn. Ahhhhhhh.

On a topic boring to most my comment spam crossed a hurdle a week or so ago. That’s right, comment spam! It’s all the rage. Now stop it. Here is what WordPress has to tell me about my comment Spam:

healthyAkismet has caught 1,110 spam for you since you first installed it.

You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. : )

1,110 spam! My site is not hugely visited but 1,110 spambots found there way to my .com. I can’t believe how happy I am to have enabled Akismet. Had I not. Uh and ick! How much do other WordPress users have? I can only wonder.

Soon enough I will have SLC portfolio online. This is important because every grad has to hand it in at the end to graduate. It’s worth 12 credits you see. Well, seeing as I’ve been taking classes for 3 years already and I have 2 left. Yea. Keeping that organized would not be easy if it was all over the place. Yea Drupal. That’s the bed the portfolio is laying on. It’s so comfortable. Take a peek here. (address subject to change)

Enough is enough. While I have rants in my head there are plenty of others saying my thoughts – cough Bust Bush Administration follies cough.

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