The Dreamers

thedreamersRetuing from a viewing of The Dreamers I feel like I was cheated and spoiled by Director Beardo Bertolucci. He begins with a tale about Matthew, an American from CA studying in France, as he discovers the world of cinema. During his story we meet Theo and Isabelle who both share a passion for cinema.

My complaint with the movie is this: We are introduced to a world in which Matthew seems to have a new passion for and a world in which he wants to explore and infuse his passion within. Instead we start with this in mind and are thrown into Theo and Isabelle’s world. This holds the story for some time but falls apart somewhere in the middle of the film where we are left to wonder what happened to Matthew’s passion for film?

What we are treated to is a wonderful exchange between the three lead characters. While each tests and challenges the other we get to see how others can open us to change or the converse. I enjoyed this part of the film with great glee.

Lastly I feel like I should add that a major portion of the film that I enjoyed was the infusion of historical film fottage and old movie fottage spliced into many scenes. This part of the editting was fantastic, sadly it was left behind during the bulk of the film.

I recommend this movie to the avid theater goer. If you’re interested in the feature of the week skip this flic. If you like seeing experimental independent films see this film.
7 of 10

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