The Eagle Surprise!

I have mail! And it’s really a very cool piece too. One note – Kazi and I never lived together during my TPU days.

Hi Gary,
I’m writing to ask if you and your former TPU roommate would like to be the subject of an article in the fall issue of “The Eagle” alumni magazine. It would focus on what you learned from each other – bridges built and all that. Are you willing? I could arrange to meet you at Sarah Lawrence, unless you’re coming to Prospect in the next few weeks. I could do Kaz’s part via email until he’s back in the US in July.

Thanks for your consideration – and have a great weekend!

While I don’t know what this means exactly, it’s piping hot off the press! Less than an hour old news baby! And YOU, heard it HERE, FIRST.

Kazi! Totally looking forward to seeing him again. Twice in two years! BOOYAH! Actually it’ll be THREE TIMES because of my FRRRRREEEEEE ticket to anywhere. Thank you very much AA. Chichichi-a

05-28-2004 02:57 pm

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