The Fire Is Lit!

Sometime ago I posted set my Google status as: I want the fire back!

For those of you in the loop, yes, it’s from Buffy the Musical. Those of you out of the loop, welcome.

A couple weeks later I changed the status to: There are some sparks in the fire pit.

It was corny yet to the point. I felt empty inside. Creativity flat-line. In my field of study — it’s a deal breaker. Playing on stage requires fire. I felt lost for a long time. Meh. It was affecting my days and nights.

Yesterday the sparks ignited. I’ve been reading an article titled “My Computer Romance” for the past couple weeks during my “lunch break.” To anyone that knows what my lunch break is like during a semester will understand why it took so long to get through the article. Explanation in 3, 2, 1… 10 minutes is a long lunch.

The article was a great read in relation to my work. The unexpected key I found related to theatre. The author, Gardner Campbell, recounted an experience dating back to October 31, 1991. Whoa… Freaky – 16 years to the day. Anyway, he wrote:

“The text of Tennyson’s poem was augmented by pop-up text that commented on and glossed the poem, video clips of talking heads (including the poet and scholar John Hollander as well as several students, as I remember) analyzing parts of the poem, multiple performances of the poem, and a thick set of pictures and reference materials that also helped to elucidate and contextualize the poem.”

I starred at the idea in my mind for a good long while (maybe 15-20 seconds) and realized what could be done. Actually I didn’t but I THOUGHT I did.

Further in his piece he wrote:

“Usually, you react emotionally to a situation before you assess it cognitively, since survival is more important than understanding.”

Ka’bam! Thwap! Uh duh. That’s part of the conversation often discussed in acting class(es). Reacting emotionally instead of cognitively. Cha’ching.

The curtain was lifting finally.

Later that evening, oh, that evening was 10/29, I had the fortune of attending the Theatre Forum at SLC. It’s a monthly forum where theatre professionals come to speak with the academics. Yes’sah! Kenny Leon spoke and added that last bit of fuel I needed. ‘Are you giving 100% or are you ding enough for your teacher to see that you did some work?’ He spoke to his love of theatre and how it affects people and thus the world. He loves what he does and called everyone on their passion for theatre.

It affected me. I know without anyone else saying it, but I know it affected everyone in the room. If it didn’t, they weren’t listening

On my way home the need to create, which had been covered over like home base after a tag at the plate, finally broke free.

Tallgrass Gothic continues to be an amazing process but this was something personal that would stretch my performing and organizing skills! Finally!

My frustration swelled as I helped emma with her new pet project – Swanky Veg. Sure, it’s exciting working on a new site helping to make it do just what she wants it to do… But it wasn’t what I wanted to do – Create!

I’m in the figure it out stage with a few people and hope to announce the plan soon. If it does come together, which I see happening, Porphyria’s Lover will soon have some competition.

I’m excited. The show is going REALLY well. This idea could really turn into something. emma’s new pet project is picking up steam, I’ve been asked to speak in Atlanta for work. Strange and wonderific things are happening. It took this long into the semester for it to happen. My reaction to that… Not bad.

Time to wrap tinz up…

To read the entire article please visit:
Gardner Campbell’s page where you can listen to a recording of his article:

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