The First Hour of the Day

wake-up-alarmWaking up at 6am every morning, to feed the kittens, sounds exciting horrible insane to most people I know. During the summer it’s great, the sun is out and it feels great opening your eyes. A new day. Sure, that changes in the fall/winter here in the north east part of the USA, but the dark mornings have their own unique take on the day. Knowing you’re awake with the silence surrounding you and that the sun will rise soon, it’s beautiful.

After all the ohh’ing and ahh’ing reality sets in and the simple matter of being awake isn’t so special anymore and the question is ‘what to do’ next. I’m lucky enough to be able to eat when I wake up. Some people I know simple cannot eat until much later in the morning. The shower is just waiting for someone to turn it on. And a number of other items sit in stasis just… Waiting.

This morning I got to thinking – What do other people do after they wake up? Do they jump out of bed and run to their day job? Do they sit and read while drinking their morning cup of XYZ? Do they go for a walk with their pup(s)?

Extra credit question – What you do after you wake up?

Bonus kharma question – What time do you wake up everyday – weekdays vs weekends?


  1. After I wake up – Go down and fall in and out of sleep on the couch with my daughter as we watch Spongebob. My wife, who has been up since 5 am drives me nuts as she bounces from room to room with her annoyingly boundless energy. Around 8 – 8:30, I decide I should take a shower. After that, I am out the door pretty fast.

    I wake up around 7-7:30 am just about everyday, including weekends.

  2. That sounds really great Rob. I’m impressed that you can sleep through Sponge Bob.

    I’m the annoying one with energy in the morning. Hence my inquiry to the world about what other people do.

    VI IV

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