The Hood

niwaka ringLast week my ring returned from the Niwaka in Kyoto, Nippon looking brand spanking new. In a couple years emma and I will venture into the city again with my ring and ship it back out to be touched up again. Sure it looks great worn but the refresh kicks it up a notch or 6 or was that 4? Never you mind.

With my ring back on my finger I am now wearing all my bling again: 1 Livestrong band, 1 hoop earing, and 1 ring. It feels good. the band has been off since the end of Red Cross (February), the earing has been off for over  a month and my ring, well, just under a month. Ahhhh. Life is resetting.

Update: Wow.  It has been in place for so long I completely forgot about it: my tongue stud. I couldn’t speak very well in May of 2006 for a week. I only remove the stud when performing (or speaking in front of many people) due to the possiblity of it, the stud, slapping against my teeth. It’s an ouch. Right. End of update. — 05/22/08 6:45am

Tonight I was given a piece of clothing I can only wear to extremely specific occassions – aka graduation(s) – a hood. It’s awkward. The design is rediculous. I walked home with it on top of my coat. I looked… Odd.

I was presented my hood during the Graduate Dinner with the department heads and faculty. Dave McRee announced our names and John Dillon hooded each of us. It was a wonderful moment. I actually felt like I was graduating. With all the stress that befell my life the past week I’d forgotten the joy and glee of this accomplishment. A number of faculty I’ve worked with congratulated me. Some said ‘I didn’t know you were in the program.’

Yes. I’ll be ‘back’ in the fall. Yes. I’ll be ‘around’. SLC and I have a number of roads left to travel.

On a completely different note. Katie at Geezeo sent me a message about the new features rolled out today on Geezeo. I was given a brief (read 5-10 minutes) heads up, per an former co-worker from, Josh, about the “HAWT!” new dashboard. It is. HAWT.

I am constantly impressed by the personal interaction of the Geezeo folk. They’re all professional, funny, kind, and understanding. I send them updates and suggestions often. My hat of to you GZ peeps. I’m honored and humbled that you’d even kid around with a title that included my name. Seriously – honored. For complete details on my humbled’ness check on their latest blog entry here – introducing the “Gary Ploski” features

Now, keep up the rockin and I’ll keep on keepin on!

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