The Girly Iranian Sportsmen

unibrowDamn it already! Would you stop trying to be fashionable and just get on with the manly man-ly-ing-ness-ness of being an Iranian athlete! Enough of the dyed hair and plucked eye brows already. Wear that unibrow proudly gentlemen MEN and kick your opponents when they’re down. Smack your wife around when she hints at the idea, THE IDEA, of a shower.

Don’t let your girlfriend, all of them!, bring you down because they want more attention! NAY! It’s your right as a man to look manly, smell manly, and be, HUUUUH!, an Iranian man!

Whoa, I’m starting to feel some of that Iranian man-ly-ness-ness now. Uh oh, here it comes… RAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAH! )kick kick bite rip kick(

Oh yea. That feels good. Hooooooo.Original link

Iran says no to girly sportsmen
May 08 1:16 PM US/Eastern

Iran’s hardline Islamic regime has had enough of footballers with long hair and plucked eyebrows.

“I will ban athletes with an effeminate look,” the head of the country’s Physical Education Organisation, Mohammad Ali-Abadi said, told the Etemad-Melli newspaper.

“It is really disgraceful for Iran that young people step onto fields wearing make-up,” the top official fumed. “When a man enters the field with dyed hair and groomed eyebrows he is disrespecting society.”

The paper said Ali-Abadi appeared to be particularly worried about footballers, and warned that “even though they get away with it now, they will be disqualified in future”.

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  1. I don’t think it is such a bad thing for men to take care of themselves. I do not like girlish men who tan and things like that, however men who bath and were nice things and care are what we like.

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