The Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act

Have money will travel.

I just read a couple blogs about a new California (CA) law: the ‘Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act’ and want to add some thoughts from a non-union actor to the ring.

First, what is this law addressing?

A number of things, including, pay to play aka pay to work or pay to possibly get work in the future.

“Actors feel that they can’t be seen by casting directors and associates unless they pay to go to the (casting director) workshops,” L.A. Deputy City Attorney Mark Lambert said. Source: Backstage

What organizations support the law?

  • The Walt Disney Co.
  • The Motion Picture Association of America
  • The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  • The Screen Actors Guild
  • and other industry players
    Source: Backstage

In my opinion, this CA law is leveling the playing field for the privileged (w/money) and underprivileged (w/o money). Full disclosure, I have not read the law.

A SAG Foundtation rep (Rufino Cabang – states in a comment on the Backstage blog that:

“…our program of free workshops for SAG members, has found tremendous support from the casting community since (the Casting Access Project) launch in 2004. Visiting our workshops in both L.A. and New York to meet and work with Guild members at absolutely no cost to the actor…”

SAG members have access to SAG workshops for free. Kudos to them for supporting their members, but what is a non-SAG member to do?

The question of ‘general’ auditions was asked in the Backstage blog comments. It’s a great question. What has happened to the general auditions. When one is announced actors swarm like an ant colony to a picnic left unattended. But why aren’t there more picnics? 😉 Picnics can take place in-person and online.

On Twitter? Tweet with a link to your headshot on Tuesday and include the hashtag: #HeadshotTuesday — Created by Actingnodrama. Check out his blog and podcast.

Not on Twitter? Check out: to receive someone’s very honest opinion of your headshot and/or reel. He says on the page:

We are not trying to sell you anything or pitch any services or fool you into buying something you really don’t need. “It takes a lot of money to be a starving actor!” We believe that casting directors should give back to those who have provided us with a career.

That’s you. The Actor. Without you, we don’t have a job.

Don’t have your own computer and/or Internet connection? Visit your local public  library.

Legitimate casting directors want/need to make money just like everyone else. Actors want to be seen and given suggestions on how to succeed in the business.

Instead of ideas, most responses I’ve read about the law are complaints. We’re in the entertainment world aren’t we?

Actors, casting directors, unions… Be creative! Try something new. Use the web to network, ask a friend what they did, ask a stranger, e-mail a cold ‘ask’ for help, etc.

Let’s break the cycle of privileged and underprivileged, create a healthy, open, welcoming environment, and work together not against each other.

Complaining is easy. Fixing something isn’t.

Comment questions suggestions for you to respond to…

  • How should the law be changed, if at all?
  • Is the entertainment world a privileged class?
  • How can the underprivileged succeed?
  • Do you consider yourself privileged and/or underprivileged?

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  1. How on earth can you say that YOU support this bill, when you haven’t even read it? Are you just going off of the opinions of those who support it? Some actors say that it is VERY LIMITING, and will adversely effect their abilities to be seen. It came about because of ignorant people with unreal expectations trying to get into the industry,they make a decision that they cannot afford, then complain to the city attorney, and consumer affairs, and try to get their money back! I think people need to be liable for their own actions, I detest a “Big Brother” over my shoulder. I personally have read it and cannot make any sense out of it, nor have the 3 lawyers I had look at it. The people that wrote it ie: The city attorney drafted it with litigation concerns in mind, Kerkorian ? that was just a political move, wise up he’s in the entertainment neighborhood and is trying to make brownie points…..Schwartzeneger, he doesn’t care he’s outta there, I bet he couldn’t even define it…. AND it’s written so fractured and confusing no one can interpret it anyway. Soooo don’t be so easily led is all I’m saying.


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