The Littlest Groom

In a sad state of affairs someone has decided to push the reality tv thing to yet another level. No, I refuse to make any puns, innuendos or whatever about this show because there are already too many of them. I have to say I just don’t get it. Don’t the people that have signed on realize they’re just being taken advantage of by the networks? )shaking head( Read the article and you’ll understand.

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This is London
11/02/04 – Staying in section

Now it’s dwarf date

By This is London

Reality TV could have sunk to a new low – literally and figuratively – with a new dating show for dwarves.

The Littlest Groom features lonely Glen Foster, a self-styled ladies’ man who is 4ft 5in tall.

The diminutive celebrity-to-be has to find a wife from 12 pint-sized women.

Tall, slim, blonde British TV presenter Dani Behr will tower over the cast to do a Snow White act as the hostess.

Viewers could be glued to their sets as 23-year-old Foster goes on a series of dates and narrows the field to a ‘shortlist’ of five. Several women of normal height will then be introduced to the show. Foster will have to choose the woman he is most compatible with for the grand finale.

The show, from America’s Fox network, has already run into trouble with the critics. Reality TV pundit Steve Rogers accused the broadcaster of ‘ sinking low’ with the project.

The New York Daily News added: ‘Think you’ve seen it all with reality shows? Wait until The Littlest Groom. This show gives new meaning to a mini-series.’

The show is scheduled to be screened in the US over the next two weeks.

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