The living room = complete (well almost)

This weekend we did a multitude of things, one of which was painting the entrance way to the apt. It was an incredibly stark white before and now we have toned it down to a lovely Navajo White. (Paint names are strange) The room looks wonderful, which you shall all see at the house warming party. It’s nice having a deadline that makes us work just a little bit faster.

In any case, we started out the weekend in the city, doing blood work and picking up some stuff for the apt, then off to Alice’s for some board games and conversation. Then yesterday, we bought paint, went swimming at my parents, painted and then at 10 we made our way over to Dave and Busters for a much needed dinner out. The conclusion was reached and agreed upon, we need to do more things like that. Screw being tired.

Today we got up, painted, went to see Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Neither P or I was as impressed as all of the people who have been raving about it to me. It was better than we thought it would be. But sadly, the emotional quality and eerie factor that is so present in Dahl’s work, was somewhat lacking. The music wasn’t satisfying and difficult to understand and the Ump Lumpas (sp?) were simply reproductions of one person and that joke got old very quickly. P and I agreed. We are disappointed with the movie industry right now. The last amazing film we saw was Finding Neverland. Alas. At least we weren’t painting.

We went food shopping, came back and finished up the walls and trim, hung 3 of our paintings and sat back and relaxed while enjoying the sight.

Now, off to shower and go to bed. Damn busy weekend.

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