The New Style of Morning

As of this morning the rise and shine time will be… Don’t be scared… 6 AM.

Ahh, A new method of waking up. Although the thought of getting a chance to post my thoughts sounded great when I first read about the idea. This morning hasn’t been what I’d intended it to be. I thought I would have had a chance to get out some thoughts about recent events and new thoughts but cleaning and preparing for a Monster Movie Night ala Monster Kid Home Movies. Chocolate fondue, fruit, and angel cake will be on tap along with my fav of favs… gyunyu.

Cleaning was needed and will be full appreciated this evening. Insert mini grumble here.

On a completely different note, reports that 10 thousand, that’s right 10,000 clerics backed Darwinian evolution stating “We believe that the theory of evolution is a foundational scientific truth, one that has stood up to rigorous scrutiny and upon which much of human knowledge and achievement rests.”

This is a big deal because the mad creationists intelligent design side of the fence felt that having over 5 hundred, wow – 500, scientists back their claim meant something. Accept it, there is such a thing as evolution and the big D was closer to the bullseye than you want him to be. Suck it Trebek.

Guess I had a few more minutes than I though. Nice. And now it looks like it’s time for me to scamper off to work.

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