The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!

Today, at approximately 2:00 the painting was finished. The ceilings and walls in both the spare bedroom and the main bedroom – Painted. We have to paint the runners but that’ll be a quick evening thing we can get to at our leisure.

The floors are presently, uh, covered with stuff, boxes, paint cans, etc. That’s all well and good though. We’re working our way through each room mopping the floors after we move anything in the way.

The last few items on the agenda are: replace the 4 electrical outlets in the main bedroom. Move the garbage out. Put everything where it belongs. Finally, mop the floor to the dining room and living room. After that it’s Unbreakable! I thought it was gone but NO! It was hidden in a box filled with magazines along with Tron, When Harry met Sally, and the old version of My Neighbor Totoro.

What a great past 5 days it’s been. Moondance by Behr and Creme Caramel by Benjamin Moore. If you’re ever going to paint walls. Ever! Use Benjamin Moore. The paint is super thick and goes on beautifully. The Behr looks nice after two coats but had a STINK something fierce. The BM has a standard paint smell and looked great even after the first coat. Side note – both rooms were originally white.

Regarding ceiling paint… Get the paint that goes on pink. Spend the extra couple bucks. You will be glad you did. Again, get the paint that goes on pink.

We’ll be hosting a Monster movie event next week. As it turns out it will be our official official house warming party since we’ll have painted all the rooms and made each of them ‘ours’. The kitchen and bathroom need much more than paint and some TLC. They both need enemas.

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