The Swap

)Big breath( Well… It’s done. I think. If I desire to read all of Douglas Adams’s work I can. It is wrapped nicely in a black hard cover book resting down stairs in a bag along with a few other things that are mine, and one thing that is not. Hence… “It’s done. I think.”

BT, Alice were kind enough to acompany me to drop of someone’s belongings at their mother’s place. En route my front right wheel decided to let out a ear scratching noise which I was able to fix after returning to me mudda’s – Strange. Thanks to the both of you again. While at the house there were about 2 minutes of uncomfortable dialog primarily with Alice. BT and I had little to add. The most I felt able to say was “have a safe trip” and the like.

It’s 12:32 AM and Alice has found never-never-land. I’m trying to sort through the true finality of things. While speaking with Emma I said something to the effect of “I’m just glad it’s done.” but I was far from straight forward with my emotions. Even at this present moment I’m not sure which word(s) to use.

Though. Hmm. Earlier the word sad entered my mind and I felt a couple times today some random swells (of finality). Things end. That’s the way it works. Some end with glee, others simply don’t.

When will I be able to pin-point this? I wonder. Then again, I may have already.

Maybe I have already.


Heh. It’s obvious to me that when I open my eyes and feel that my eyelashes are stuck together that my eyes are nearly closed. I just blinked and felt this separation. Time foh sleep. Mmm, sleep.

11-14-2004 12:31 am

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