The Tick on DVD?!

Okay, here’s the 411. It is up to you, your friends, and everyone else you know that has ANY interest in The Tick (the animated series) to contact Disney and let them know you want them to release it on DVD. Let it be known it is now in your/our hands. Click here to start your email.

Here is Disney’s e-mail address for DVD Feedback

Let’s begin with my correspondence to Disney.

—–Original Message—–
From: Gary Ploski
Sent: Monday, July 4, 2005 00:49 AM
To: MB BVHEFeedback Mailbox
Subject: The Tick on DVD?

Now that The Tick is on Toon Disney… Are there plans to release it on DVD?! )fingers crossed awaiting a reply( Please please please!

Gary Ploski

—–Disney’s Reply Message—–
Subject: Re: The Tick on DVD?
Date: July 5, 2005 12:50:13 PM EDT
To: Gary Ploski


Thank you for your e-mail regarding THE TICK Animated Series. We appreciate your interest.

We do not have any information regarding an expected release for this title. We will let our Marketing Department know of your interest.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.


BVHE Consumer Relations
US and Canada

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