The Visit from Japan

And the other part of the document I’ve been working on… Ahhh. Finished. I hope.

Kazi made it… late, but he made it!

Alice came with me to the airport and we saw him do something AMAZING… sigh… he lite up a smoke. Alas! Kazi! He hasn’t quit yet. Ah well. One can only dream. And dream I will.

The few days he was here were probably the HOTEST days of the summer. Lucky him? Interestingly it was even warmed in JPN ñ over 100 degrees. So yes… Lucky him.

Monika, BT, Kazi and I had an AMAZING dinner in Naugatuck. Have you ever been asked if you’d like your wine warm or cold? No? Good, imagine that you have been… THAT’s the kind of place it was. Hole in the wall? INDEED! The food… was inexpensive. The portion sizes… were large. The taste… was good. Go again? Bingo!

Jacek joined the fray when we made our way to The Big Dipper. Mmmm… chocolate Oreo milkshake. Mmmm! It was probably the sweetest shake I’ve ever had and it was DAMN tasty. I actually took more than 3 minutes to suck it down. That’s impressive folks.

So Kazi and I hung out Thursday shopping and getting some of his errands done. CT License ñ check. International driver’s license ñ check. Food – ??? We didn’t get to that until after the Trumbull Mall ñ skip it. It’s worse than the Brass Mill Center. How this could happen I don’t know, but someone managed it. Off to Central Ave and then to Emma’s place, then back to my place. BT and Avenga were chillin waitin while Kazi and I inhaled Joe’s pizza. Dinner wasn’t important at that point it became life or death. We would have eaten anything I think. Yes, even the meatball grinder that was in the car. Oy! Don’t forget that you have food with you. Right.

The weekend Kaz choose was UNBEARABLY warm. Actually, the weekend Alice chose to marry was UNBEARABLY warm! We all crashed at my place. Sadly I didn’t get to feel the comfort of the A/C because I was in the common room. Yes it was comfortable but no it was not warm. Two nights of that and my bed SCREAMED to me… YO! SLEEP OVER HERE DIMWIT! YOU OWN ME!

Getting to the wedding was simple. Making our way to the ceremony was… a church ceremony. Except for one thing. A fable that the priest told was exceptionally odd… A story of a man (Sir Erik) searching for King Arthur where he promised to marry an ugly woman but only after he was tricked into marrying her by the pretty sister. After they were wed she gave him two choices regarding her beauty.

I can be beautiful during the day or in the evening. It is your choice.

So the dude said ìI choose during the evening…î

She snapped at him and said ìYou selfish man. You’d want my beauty all to yourself letting everyone else see me as ugly.î

So he said ìThen I choose during the day.î

Again she yelled at him again ìSo you would care more about what others had to say about my looks then.î

He stood there thinking for a moment and said ìSince both my choices do not seem to be adequate I would ask that you choose.î

And with that she became even more beautiful than she would have if she was only allowed to be beautiful during the day or eve.


This was a wedding fable?! Where was the true love? Where was the happily ever after? The guy was setup for failure from the onset with the question. Yup, just my wee opinion. But BT, Emma, and later I found out that Liza (she was in the wedding party) thought the story was a ìWTFî moment. There is a happy note, Alice liked it. Since it was her wedding – that’s a damn good thing.

So the reception was nice. The wedding cake was ULTIMATELY AMAZING! Vanilla to the extreme without the sweetness of sugar. Holy cripe. It alone almost made it worth the trip. 0= ) I only had half of a piece since Alice and Emma ate the rest of it while I sampled the other stuff. The cannoli were also fantastic! Lest I forget to talk about the Chicken. Mm, mm good. Not Campbell’s Soup good ñ better! Yes, the food was wonderful and the party for Alice and Erick was in full motion.

It was probably one of the easiest going weddings I’ve been to and one of the least drama filled. Alice’s dress was Brilliant. I know the time it took to make was worth it. I know the stress she went through was worth it. I know she loved it.

Alice!? Alice?! Who the Fuc is Alice?!

Alice’s first skydive!… didn’t happen. There were too many rain droplets formed together in random spots of the sky all day. What’s up with that? Sadness. No third jump for me. No second jump for Kazi. And no first jump for the newlywed. Alas!

So the next two days were HOT and STICKY! As I mentioned earlier the days were unbearably hot. So we all hit Emma’s pool for a bit and then tried out the city where we failed our stamina rolls. We didn’t botch the rolls but we definitely didn’t roll high enough.

Kazi ended up cooking his famous Kurry for Alice, Liza, Emma, and I at 11:30. We ate after 12 and then we all talked for about 2 hours at least. Alice and Liza took off since the honeymoon was starting in approximately 6 hours! = O Emma fell asleep and then Kazi and I broke into ënormal chat mode until 345.

I miss Kazi. BUT I have a card up my sleeve! BWAAAHAHAHAH! I hope to be able to see him soon. We’re still trying to figure out when the best time is but SOON! Soon I will be back in my second home. So cool. Soo cool! KAZIIIIIII! You seriously rule dude! Matta ne! Jyane.

08-05-2004 12:53 am

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