Thin Vs. Fat

Are you on a diet? My bet is the answer will be a resounding yes. Go ahead admit it you’re on a diet. Guess what… I am too. And so are my friends (ALL of ’em), my family (All of them too), and so are my neighbors. How do I know this? Because of the fraggin definition of the word!

1 – The usual food and drink of a person or animal.

garfieldOh. Wait. Doe the word diet make you think of something else? Oh my. Wow. That’s embarrassing I have to say. No, no, no. I’m not doing that other thing. I haven’t the slightest what other people are or are not doing. It’s really not my business. But I would wager a bet with nearly anyone that the word diet brings about one thought. That would be the 2nd definition of the word diet

2 – A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.

Regulation. Heck maybe I have been on a diet lately. I only allow myself certain amounts of particular types of food daily. Why? I want to stay healthy and fit. What am I getting at with this rant on the word diet?!

SPAIN! Fraggin Spain! France… I’m with you peeps. I really am, but Spain!? I just read the new article on Yahoo! – ‘Madrid fashion show bans 5 thin models
How is this possible?! The world is struggling with obesity and someone thinks the idea of people, young and old, worrying thinking about their weight and, oh no, going on a diet (via definition #2) is a bad thing? A BAD THING!?

This problem is pandemic Spain! Pandemic! More people need to pat ATTENTION to their weight because they are obese. Recently the UK was discussing what to do with women with a BMI of 36 or higher because their they are “less likely to get pregnant and more likely to encounter health problems.” Read the article – Call for fertility ban for obese

The present culture doesn’t like my okusan, my wife, because of her genetics. She has a BMI of 16.5. WHAT?! 16.5! That’s, according to BMI numbers, unhealthy. Quoting my best bud Kazi… Actually…. No. She eats when she’s hungry. She participates in sporting events – and excels. Her bone density is thin. And to add insult to injury… She’s been doing all of this since she was a child.

But, according to Spain’s established rule, she would be too thin. She is definitely in the minority of women that aren’t ‘soft’. She is hardly “normal” according to the numbers but she is not “unhealthily underweight”.

I am so sick and tired of thin or in shape people for having to appease those that do not work out. Yup, I’m in shape. Yes, I go to the gym often. Guess what… I get to feel unhappy about my body too. But get this: I. Do. Something. About. It! And so do many, many other people. The sad thing is there are far fewer people doing something about it than there are that do not do something about it.

2000 map US obesityWhy? Why is it OKAY to ridicule the thin models? If what everyone is saying, marketing promotes stick thin appearance and if it really is affecting the culture by “damaging your girls’ self image” because they “aspire to look like the catwalk models” wouldn’t we see more thin women? Wouldn’t there be a different problem instead of the new fight against obesity War on Weight?

Please tell me! Someone. Please!

I don’t think a response is likely.

I can only speak for America, even though this is a global problem, when dealing with fat Vs. thin. Is it okay to be fat or thin… Sure. But more questions than I can type need to be asked. Is there medication involved? Is it genetic? What kinds of food are eaten daily? How much exercise…? What does work entail? It goes on and on and goes really, really, really deep for some people.

Oh. Oh. Oh. These questions above. Yea. They relate to both fat or thin.

Spain. Wake up. What you’ve done to this fashion show is pathetic and a poorly executed effort to clean up something that really isn’t broken. If designer number 1 has a wardrobe for a certain type of woman it is their right to hire a woman that will fit into their clothes. Do you want normal or plus size fashion shows? Hire designers that create the look you want. invite them and the needed models will magically appear.

No really. Poof noise + smoke = successful show.

What’s my BMI? I cruise in at 23.5. That’s 5’11” at 160 lbs. To see how many pounds I can put on and still be “Normal” I kept plugging in numbers. I finally reached 178 – BMI 24.8. One pound more – 179 – BMI 25.0. I can put on 19 pounds and still be ‘normal’. 19 pounds. If I put on a pound or two I can feel it. Nine. Teen. Pounds?

I know this is the topic that riles me more than most because of the general laziness of Americans and the lack of care for the body and for others. Yes, others. If more people ate better, worked out, etc. health costs would go down. Think on that….

Come on. Think on it. Take a few seconds. Everyone is in better shape, eating healthier food, smoking less or not at all.

Insurance companies wouldn’t have to pay as much as they do for drugs or doctor bills and so on.

goatIt isn’t bad to be thin damn it. It CAN be bad but thin does not equal bad. It goes the exact same way with fat.

Spain… go back to throwing tomatoes, tossing goats, and losing early in the World Cup. I was rooting for you this summer peeps. I even bought the national jersey.

Sigh, why’d someone have to go and ban 5 models. Arrrgh! Come. On.

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Madrid fashion show bans 5 thin modelsBy HAROLD HECKLE, Associated Press Writer Sat Sep 16, 6:05 PM ET

MADRID, Spain – Organizers of Spain’s top annual fashion show on Saturday rejected five models as being too thin to appear in this year’s event.

The show, known as the Pasarela Cibeles, had decided earlier this month not to allow women below a predetermined body mass index to parade down the catwalk.

Doctors Susana Monereo of Spain’s National Endocrinology Society and Basilio Moreno, an obesity consultant at Gregorio Maranon Hospital, were among the specialists called on to medically assess the models.

Five of the 68 models who showed up for appraisal failed the test, the doctors said. The models were over 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed less than 121.25 pounds, Monereo said.

“They had a body mass index below, well below, that which is considered normal not just by the Spanish endocrinology society, whom we represent, but also by the limits set by the World Health Organization,” Monereo said.

Each model was allowed to appear at the examination accompanied by an agent and a representative from the fashion industry.

The show, which starts Monday and runs until Friday, wanted to project an image of beauty, elegance and health, and also banned makeup that makes models appear sickly, organizer Cuca Solana said.

“Clearly we don’t want walking skeletons,” Solana said.

Some well-known models had not gone to the examination, Solana said, but they were not identified.

Around 300 models originally were expected to apply for inclusion in the prestigious fashion event, but only 68 applied this year.

Solana said the rigorous pre-show test was not necessarily the cause for the downturn. One possibility was that model agencies may have chosen to send more models to other shows.

Last year’s show drew protests from medical associations and women’s advocacy groups because some of the models were positively bone-thin.

This time the Madrid regional government decided to pressure organizers to hire fuller-figured women as role models for young girls obsessed with being thin, Concha Guerra, deputy finance minister of the regional administration, said earlier this month.

A British Cabinet minister, meanwhile, called Saturday for London Fashion Week, also opening Monday, to follow Madrid’s lead.

“The fashion industry’s promotion of beauty as meaning stick thin is damaging to young girls’ self image and to their health,” Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said in a statement. “Young girls aspire to look like the catwalk models — when those models are unhealthily underweight it pressurizes girls to starve themselves to look the same.”

The British Fashion Council, which runs Fashion Week, said in a statement that it “does not comment or interfere in the aesthetic of any designer’s show.”

“The BFC has canceled the photo call on Sunday because it is unwilling to add any more impetus to the publicity surrounding this complicated issue,” it added.

The body mass index is a calculation doctors normally apply to study obesity. It is calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared, and multiplying that total by 703.

If the resulting number is between 18.5 and 24.9, a person’s weight is normal. Below 18.5 they are underweight. In the case of the Madrid show, organizers rejected women with an index below 18.

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