Third! Youre a Third! Ender Wiggins Was a Third too.

In a twist of fate. Americans can now speak of the news with the knowledge that they’re speaking the truth. Sadly it has nothing to do with America, but it is the truth.

If you’ve read Ender’s Game you’re familiar with the term “Third”. When population control is set in place we’ll all be saying it. At the moment China (and maybe a small handful of others) already have such a law. An EXPENSIVE law if broken at that. $94,250 expensive!

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Couple Fined $94,000 for One-Child Rule Lapse

Mon Sep 20, 9:03 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) – A court in China’s southern boomtown of Shenzhen has fined a couple 780,000 yuan ($94,250) and sealed off their house for having more than one child, the Beijing Morning Post said Monday.

The pair were among nine couples who were fined “social fostering fees” for their extra children, the newspaper said. They had their first boy in 1997 and last year had twin boys, the newspaper said.

With approximately 1.3 billion people, China is the world’s most populous nation. It has stringent rules on family planning that allow couples usually to have just one child, at least in cities, and limit numbers elsewhere.

The couple’s house had been sealed up “according to the law,” the paper said, or until they pay the fine which was unusually large. A house is sealed with a white paper bearing the stamp of a local court pasted across the front door.

Punishment for having more than one child can include having the power to the offending couple’s house or to the houses of relatives being cut off.

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