Time Alone is Cool!

I figured out how to stretch a muscle that’s been nagging me for months ñ read close to a year I think. Now that it’s finally stretched the thing hurts big time! This RULES! I like-a-da pain tis good because it means the muscle isn’t locked in a permanent state of ‘ROCK’ anymore. Nicely nicely captain.

Mari is going to be a happy XX soon because she can finally back up her data to BLINDAL! Yea free time! Tonight was another night of accomplishments! Yea free time! Hip-hip-hooray! Actually, this let’s me backup my data too.. JIC one of my 2 160 Gig’rs go kerplunk. Not likely, but additional backups rule and so does Terrrrrrrrrrrminal Service! Testing connections from work via the apartment always rocks. Ding dong the witch IS dead. Flat line. Ha cha cha!

An ice pack has been used already and now a heating pack awaits my lower back (glutes & spine). Here we go bisquick! Zoooooooooooom!

09-29-2004 12:35 am

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