To Dye For

To Dye For was filmed in the summer of 2010 in Connecticut. I play Gil, a man with drive and ambition!


I should probably note that his drive and ambition, well, they aren’t traditional.

His ‘thing’, food, money and his hat are all incredibly important to him. Oh, his hat!, with magical powers – shh, don’t tell him I told you about it – gives him the “perfect” Jamaican accent. Un huh, “perrrfect.” It’s not actually a magical hat and he should probably practice his accen… Have to run, Gil just woke up. Enjoy the short! =D

To Dye For is a story about three loser roommates, the party they throw one night, and the two women who capture their hearts…


Written by: Marty Lang
Directed by: Richard Dobbs
Starring: Marty Lang, Greg Nutcher, Gary Ploski, Michael Barra, Leah Deveau, Emily Morse, Matthew Giovannucci

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