Took a Risk: Part 2

I’ve been working on this entry and another over the past few days so sit back and suck it up or Slappy is gonna find ya! There’s a bunch of letters and words below.

Fear. Panic. Stomach somersaults.

Back on 7/23 I went through a trial. The interesting thing about the trial was I didn’t know when it started. Most importantly, I didn’t know who would deliver the verdict.

I flew to FL to surprise None because… Well, there were many reasons. Avenga was a part of the ruse all along (since June). I arrived in FL about the same time I would normally arrive at work which freaked me out a bit. I was able to fly to FL by 9 but I haven’t been able to get myself to work by 9. Something is very wrong with that but is also very irrelevant to this memory recall.

Blurring through the day… The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (book), Pop Century Hotel, sun, book, long walk, book, Downtown Disney, book, waited for the Disney Bus to go back to the hotel, phone call to the front desk where I found out that NOBODY knew anything about S.T.A.G.E. Central (, finally found out the performance of ëLucky Stiff’ was playing at a theater in the Magic Kingdom, ran to the bus…

Upson reaching the ticket booth I was able to speak with someone from STAGE and made my way to the theater (after a considerable amount of an explanation why I was in FL). I then sat alone for approximately one hour reading. Ha. Right, reading. I think I saw the words and turned the pages but I don’t think I remember the chapters I read.

My stomach wasn’t happy most of the day with the knowledge of my surprise locked up in my grey matter. My mouth decided that Degree ™ has it right… Dry is better! Dry like a desert. At 8:16 I knew it was okay to go in because it was after the time I was advised to go in… 8:15. = O

Here are the events in a listed format because it may be a more interesting read…

1. Walked in
2. Asked to buy a ticket
3. Was asked to come in after 8:15
4. I noted that the time was 8:16
5. Time was confirmed
6. Purchased a ticket
7. Purchased water and cookies
8. Heard singing
9. Brain juices became confused turned head to the left 60 degrees
10. Saw a woman singing
11. Leaned backward one step
12. Saw 3 men singing
13. Turned back to the right
14. Brain juices thought to go sit down
15. Brain juices thought about singing
16. Brain juices went CLICK ñ the performers are warming up! WTF!
17. Looked super quick like The Flash to see is None was behind the curtain/wall
18. Saw None and moved back behind the curtain
19. Remained motionless
20. Minimal time passed
21. Saw peripherally that someone was moving toward me
22. Turned to face the table and looked down realizing it was None
23. Brain juices thought that maybe None wouldn’t notice me ñ it was a long shot
24. None makes eye contact
25. None’s eyes were filled with tears
26. Long hug
27. Non-dried mouth could be heard saying ìSurprise. Avenga isn’t coming. Surprise.î
28. Hug continued
29. Hug continued
30. Hug continued
31. Eyes were wiped by None
32. None went to re-apply make-up
33. Put butt onto seat
34. Opened book
35. Show started

During the weekend None and I finally had a chance to look each other in the face and talk about things that have been hidden from view for at least three months now. It was a wonderful feeling to see her again and to talk to her instead of the ësessions’ on the phone or online. I know it was a huge risk to go to FL to surprise her but it paid off for both of us.

I guess I can put it this way… Friendship is the cornerstone of a relationship. If trust is broken the friendship will falter. Fortunately, before our friendship completely shattered we were able to mend something back together. Nothing can be fixed in a weekend. Since we live in a linear time stream there is tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that…

It really was an amazing weekend. Answers don’t come in tiny little boxes, but sometimes the questions are finally let out of their tiny little boxes and the world becomes a better place.

I’m very lucky to have None in my life and I don’t intend on letting her go.

08-04-2004 11:31 pm

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