T.P.U. Reunion

TPU Alums have scheduled a gathering for the classes of 92, 93, & 94. Whilc we were not a part of these classes this was our school and damnnit we never had the option to go to our 5 year reunion! So, we’re going to crash the party! Haha! You ready? Classes of 96, 97, 98 (ish). Leave the evening of the 25th in October free to get together with many an old friend! It’s about time we all got together to hang out again damnnit!

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If we can’t hang out at TPU, we’ll be able to go somewhere else and do our own thing. Recently (read – last night (the 27th)) I went to my 10 year reunion and it was a BLAST! I didn’t get home until 4 AM. What am I saying? I’m saying there are so many things we’ve done since our graduation day that others need to hear about!

If we don’t keep in touch well… it’ll be as funny as a monkey ripping your finger off. Then again 40% of the people that have voted on my poll (on the main page of my site) seem to think that’s damn funny. They’re sick and twisted. Obviously having your finger bitten off is funnier

S P R E A D T H E W O R D !Meet at TPU: Saturday October 25th from 6-10 pm TPU at the Leever Student Center

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