Training weapon

For the past 2 weeks the ultimate training weapon tool has been used on the girls. Yes! All three. Two have learned from its masterful ways. The other, well, she’s taken to using it against me!

How dare she. Grr.

I’ve read so much about creating a cat free environment in forums, books, etc. HOW!? Cats love to chase things that move around. The breeze could move the curtains… BAM, not cat safe. This is where the ultimate training weaponspray bottle comes in.

Spray the kitten, or cat, and you’ll see something happen. The kitten/cat will, gasp, STOP doing what it was doing and likely flee the scene as fast as you can count to 2 or 1.

Yes, it works. Yes it scares them a little but the best part is there is no physical harm that will come to your feline and they’ll learn not to repeat the behavior. Keep in mind that it may take a few sprays but they will learn very quickly. Cthulhu and Magneto don’t jump up onto any of the three tables, they don’t attack the curtains and hardly use any of the furniture as their scratching post. At just under 13 weeks they’re on their way to being super villains.

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