Trilogy Tuesday – Looking Back

So from 1:15 PM-ish until 1:15AM-ish I found myself, along with hundreds of others, in North Haven, CT willing and able to watch ALL three (3) Lord of the Rings films. Looking back is always interesting because of that memory leak thing. Fortunately I was pretty awake through it all so I remember most of it.

Disclaimer – most of it not all of it. = P heh heh

Today is Friday the 19th. Why am I writing this today? Honestly, I just have not had any time to write. Work has been WILDLY busy and my evenings have been full as well. Okay… to the point before I start writing about the fact that something will land on Mars X-mas day.

Interesting things to note about the day:

1. I did NOT fall asleep! – This susprised me as I have seen the 1st two PLENTY of times to know that a rest before the conclusion would probably help. Especially since RotK is 3 hours 20+ minutes long. Alas, I did NOT sleep at all. I tried during TTT but couldn’t do it.

2. Picnics happen everywhere! – I sat on the floor along with a couple other people and ate my dinner right in the theater. Grinders, cookies, drinks. All that we needed was some bird calls. Faramir and his group already had chirped their chirps so it was left up to us to make any nature like noises. Nobody did. But we did eat hearty!

3. Group films rock! – It’s such a rush to watch films with people. Especially LARGE groups of people! The audience was laughing together, cheering together, and crying together. After a few years of midnight openers I think I’ve become a 1st showing attendee. There is really no other way to experience a flic than with others just as or more excited than you already are!

Those are just a few observations about the day. Regarding the movie… I enjoyed it. I cried. I cried lots. It really is a sad film, yet uplifting at the same time. Sam reminds me of a character from one of my favorite animated films – The Fox, from The Fox and The Hound. Sam’s friendship is so pure that anyone fortunate to have a friend with half his purity has a friend for life.

I found myself caring more for Sam than Frodo, despite the fact that Frodo struggles so long and keeps his wits about him for almost the entire journey. Both are amazing characters, I just find myself associating to Sam more so. He’s so drivin to help.

Shifting gears a bit.. One thing that I think detracted from my opinion of the film was the reason I was in the theater – the first two films. I honestly think they drained me emotionally to a point where the third film affected me, but not as much had it been the only film I watched that day. This may seem strange to many of you, but I’ve actually read a few reviews that said the same thing.

So, at the tim of this writing my LotR standing is as follows…


This will probably change as I’ve only seen RotK ONCE. So keep in mind this is not etched in stone. Alright I’m off to enjoy my vacation. Or as I should properly title it… my holiday. HAHAH! Lon-don here I come!

12-19-2003 05:28 pm

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