Upon My Death…

Yesterday I began the documentation process of how I want things handled upon my death. It may seem strange to many, morbid to most. I would argue it is something that everyone should do. It is stored in a Google doc at the moment. Now I know this is not a legally binding document but I know my family and friends will honor my wishes. Not just because they are family and friends but because they have a guideline to follow.

With emma in my life I shared it with her. I may share it with others as it becomes more concrete so they can ask me what something means if there is anything vague to them. Death is confusing enough. I don’t want them to wonder what I would have wanted.

emma created a document of her own and has already shared it with her rents. So, hop to it and jot down your wishes about the wake, the funeral, your stuff, and anything important to you. A small snippet of mine talks about my domain name. Why? I don’t want it to expire, removing all my ideas and pictures from the interwebs.

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