Vacationing in Bermuda

For 6 days and 5 nights I was on holiday with emma. The first in two years. It. Was. Needed.

emma and I did not enjoy the layover in Atlanta but the time in Bermuda, well, it was amazing. Bermudians are some of the nicest people in the world – based on my travels. They believe it, they’re proud of it, and they ask tourists if they feel the same way. They are happy being happy and they want to share it with each other and their island guests.

This is not to say that everyone shares the demeanor or mindset but it is the norm not the exception. =D

Here’s an example: After walking through the airport we approached the car service we had booked prior to departing. When asked for the form I realized it was something I’d forgotten to print out. Without a wireless connection I could not get the verification number. They looked up my name on the print out and checked the database. Nothing.

“Hrmm.” ran through my mind.

Here, he handed me a slip, we’ll take you to the hotel, call us when you get a chance with the verification number. A driver brought us and shared a great deal of history and other tidbits about Bermuda. The hotel appeared, we got out, handed him a tip, and he said to have a great stay.

“…” ran through my mind.

We checked in, went to our room, unpacked, got the information for the pick up service and wrote it down on the slip handed to me earlier, looked through options for dinner, found one, went to the main floor, gasped at the prices (so high that everyone makes at least one comment about it), ate dinner, ate desert, sat back and relaxed… We were in Bermuda after 10+ hours of travel. Ahh.

On the way back to the room I stopped at the concierge with the information and details. She called. They answered. A brief conversation took place. “You’re all set Mr. Ploski. Someone left you a voice mail in your room confirming that everything is all set.” Upon arrival to the room we saw a blinking light. True enough. Someone at the transportation came through the speaker saying the same thing I was told moments earlier.

“Is this place for real?!” I think one of us said something like this while staring at the other.

The rest of the trip went like this though there was one major piece to the puzzle. Tourists seemed to catch the kindness bug. We met a Scot that has lived in Toronto, Canada for 50 years – Peter – one morning on the beach and eventually exchanged contact information with the hopes of seeing the other in our respective cities.

A couple that share a political view akin to New York or Connecticut while living in Virginia – Carol and Ken. They said it isn’t easy. Actually they said it was quite difficult. The conversation with them was wonderful and very free flowing. We talked books (we were reading Anne of Green Gables out loud when they arrived), family, what we all do, and a number of other topics for a long while – an hour at least. Wildly, emma was just forwarded an email from her boss that Carol sent through their website contact form.

I do look forward to visiting again but we have learned that Bermuda is not good for one thing – the wallet. It is a place frequented by older people, families with young children, Canadians, Scots, and people from the east coast of the USA.

The next time we go we will do everything in our power to fly direct. The layover travel was absurd. We left Westchester NY at 3:45am and arrived at the hotel in Bermuda at 5:00 local time. That’s approximately 13 hours of travel. The return was the same. Bah.

Despite the ‘Bah.’ I look forward to going again. =D

Pix? Oh! Right… emma and I posted pix while we were there to Facebook. Take a peek here:


Bring something for breakfast. We packed Quaker Instant Oatmeal and a variety of breakfast bars. If you don’t… Expect to pay through the teeth. Some examples include: $18 french toast, $6 hot chocolate, $5 toast. It is normal to see high prices at a hotel but it’s nice to save the green for lunch or dinner – because you will spend it. Also, if you go to Hamilton ask where you can get produce/food supplies.

Check your bill. We caught three charges that should not have been on the bill. It was quickly, within <30 seconds, resolved. We were told to review our bill because some tourists might take advantage of their system and use a different room number and name for meals. Grr!

If you an avid omnivore you’ll be fine. If you are a vegetarian be prepared to eat cheese and have very few options. The kitchen is willing to work with your needs. But, be prepared.

Staying at the Fairmont? Sign up for the President’s Club. You get free Internet in the room via Ethernet and wireless in public spaces, access to the fitness room, and other benefits. How much? After all was said and done… $0.00. Yep, it’s free.

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