Violence and Drama

Everyone loves it. Deep down inside we want to see more of it. We tune into the news at 6 for the latest horrible story of the day. Then, just 5 hours later, we want more. Come the morning we’re fed our morning breakfast — more pain, death, horror, etc. Soon after we scurry off to school, work, or to whatever else is on the schedule for the day. Whoohoo! It’s going to be a great day. But wait! There’s more. The radio has our drama playing out for us to hear… All… Day… Long. Sure enough there is also work/school drama if the radio isn’t available.

What do we do with it when it isn’t ours? BANG BANG BANG baby! We’ve got our TV shows and movies on tap. We’ve got books, short stories, poems. Name it. Whoooo! We love it. Violence and drama feed our addictions. We’re happy to have it and pained when it’s gone. It hurts us, and shows us that we are okay. Someone is in a position worse than us. The Romans called it sport and we call it entertainment. One suuuuure does sound over simplified. DING! That’s because it is. Entertainment. Mmm mmm mmm. Love the stuff. I’m a fool for it. Lately emma and I have been transfixed with a HBO show — Oz. Seasons 1-2 teased us a long time ago but 3-5 (4 being a double season) has held us at bay like someone in search of some ‘tits’. Ohh yea we needed to know what HAPPENED. We still need to know. ARGH! Season 6 of Oz has been delayed for some reason. Even the creator doesn’t know what’s holding up the release. Grr.

Violence and drama… It fits well on a DVD, in a book, and even in our imagination but that’s where I’m happy to leave it. Lately we’ve been plagued with drama – some by choice and some not so – and this is the week to wrap things up.

By the end of this week we’ll know if a new language will be studied, a new skill set will begin development, and if the silence will be broken. It couldn’t be Friday any faster. Thank goodness it’s only drama and not violence we’re sifting through. Exponentials hurt the brain.

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