Waking Up in 2008

For nearly 365 days I have been logging the time I woke up. Originally I started using twitter to keep track of the times but realized it’d be frustrating to export the data if I wanted to do something else with it. So… I created a Google Doc – spreadsheet. With data from January 14th through December 31st I can see trends and can now plan out the year with emma and the kittens.

clockBelow are the average times for each month/the year:

Jan – 6:18 AM
Feb – 6:39 AM
Mar – 7:09 AM
Apr – 6:23 AM
May – 6:30 AM
Jun – 6:13 AM
Jul – 6:39 AM
Aug – 6:26 AM
Sep – 6:26 AM
Oct – 7:03 AM
Nov – 7:05 AM
Dec – 7:09 AM

Annual – 6:41 AM

The year started off with a 6am kitten breakfast. During most of the year they were VERY happy at 6 o’clock. The last two months of the year their breakfast shifted to 6:40am and 7:08am. Two shows and the fact that I had to feed the kittens because of the ESWT procedure on emma’s feet left me exhausted in the morning which meant I collapsed back into bed after feeding them. 7:08 is the back-up alarm time on my cell phone. Ya never know if you’re going to need that JIC alarm. I did!

And so it seems that when it’s bright out it’s easier to wake up earlier in the morning and when I’m not invovled in multiple shows I have energy and a can manage to wake up. I’ll continue this experiment and hope to get up at the designated time instead of just planning on it. Ganbarimasu!

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