Weekend Dreaming!

I remembered some oddly entertaining dreams I did! Happy me. It was a night of dreams since I slept from about 7:30 PM Friday eve until 9:00 AM Saturday morning. YES! I needed sleep and sleep I found.

Part One

First up is a brief description of a strange freaky dream. I remember dark hallways and lots of fear. Except, I wasn’t afraid, everyone else was. I was just a figment of a person in my dream. I held no real existence in this scenario. I was almost like a camera following around the action from room to room. The military personnel were terrified of something. Everyone was dying and nobody knew how! Randomly someone would be ripped from the group yet nothing was there! Shots were fired into the direction near the soldier and found nothing to contact. Air?! A ghost even?

After some time a group of 2 remained so I followed them slowly through the maze of rooms covered in blood and random remains of their former friends. Someone lit a match. One of them knocked the light out of the others hand and gave a hideous look warning that anything bright could warn their attacker of their present location. Not to be scolded like a child the first lite another match while the second watched. A flickering shadow revealed itself on the wall behind the first soldier as the match waved in the breeze.

Noticing this the second soldier thought almost as fast as a computer and pulled out a pulse light and hit the on switch. The next group of events took place so quickly. The first soldier dropped the match, turned, and along with his friend saw a monstrous beast standing just yards from them. The beast didn’t move though. It almost appeared to be waiting for them to do something. Realizing that they had a brief advantage of time, they turned and ran as quickly to the door at the end of the hallway. As they approached the door the soldier that lite the match grabbed his own pulse light, turned it on, and turned to see if they were being followed. They were. It was literally standing over him.

The other soldier was through the door and beckoned to him to follow but saw the he was not moving. Instead all he saw were two hand signals from the other soldiers back indicating ‘run’ & ‘reinforcement’. The door slammed shut with the sound of a scream instead of a clunk. The base was instantly locked down by the last remaining soldier as he then began his call for help along with the information describing how to locate the beat and a thought on how to kill it as well.

Part Two

On deck was a dream about a hat! My NEW hat! I was racing on an oval dirt track! Vroooooooom! Cruisin along on my bike. I don’t recall if it was BMX or a Mountain Bike but I was COOKIN’! Ahead of the pack and ready to take the win… except something stopped me. A gust of wind blew the hat off my head behind me. I looked left and thought “OH NO! NOT THE NEW HAT I JUST BOUGHT IT!” As if prepared to answer me a voice spoke out instantly and calmly “Don’t worry, finish the race. You’re almost there.” I glanced to my right and saw someone sneaking up on me fast.

Ahead I looked and saw someone ahead of me somehow, too far ahead to catch now. I looked right again and there it was. The hat! Under the wheel of the rider next to me. I grabbed it as easily as if it were hovering next to me. I looked at it and felt a sigh of relief that only a small portion of it had been covered in the dirt despite the fact that it was somehow stuck to the front tire of the rider next to me. I pushed forward and finished, somehow, in second place. HOORAY!


I was awake. Confused. But I had my hat.

It was a weekend of R.E.M. and conversations. Old Junior High School friends (Angela Mento), and especially a best friend (BT). I miss his company dearly. If only I could find a way, a job, something that would help his career, or even his pockets so that he could be nearer the city that will undoubtedly launch his career into the stratosphere (where it rightly belongs). Hmm… I’ll have to think on that.

Last few thoughts… B5 is absolutely amazing… except for Season One and much of Season Two. Season Three kicks off with a BANG and won’t let up for 22 episodes. I’m very excited. Teeheehee! Sometimes the sky is clear, sometimes… it’s violet. Sometimes the phone rings and a beginning to an understanding begins.

I remember my first conversation with Clovis at T.P.U. when I lived next door to him during the summer training sessions… “I’ll get you to drink before the end of September.” Ahh, September. Well, he may have succeeded, but H2O doesn’t count and since this was September of ’93 I think he failed. I haven’t revisited my views and ideas of drinking in sometime but I did have a wonderful conversation with Sky the other night about it. It ranged from exploring the creative side of one’s mind, to taste, to a simple buzz, to safety, to choice, to fear, to birthdays. I enjoyed it greatly.

Now, since my ISP hasn’t been able to get my connection fixed ALL DAY I’m going to post this and then read myself into sleep. Comics were in ABUNDANCE since I wasn’t in CT for close to a month. This months Usagi Yojimbo was brilliant and Powers Volume 2 blasted out of the gates. The Pulse… WOW! So… now I have FF, various X-Men books, and a whole bunch of others waiting for my eyes and grey juices.

07-19-2004 12:37 am

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