Weekends for the Unemployed

Excited about the weekend? You more than likely have a job and this is one of the first times you’re about to consider this baffling thought:

Weekends are the worst days of the week in a Monday-Friday society!

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

clock-in-iceIf you’re employed, this idea is completely foreign to you as it was to me until I stepped away from my 9-5. After spending some time preparing and seeking acting representation and part-time opportunities I quickly found out how long weekends can feel when you’re waiting for someone to reply to you. It can feel devastating.

Where I’m living now, and I would wager it’s the same all around the USA, once 5pm ticks on the clock work goes on pause until Monday. This is of course not the case for every position and employer but for the large majority of business/office work it holds true.

Emotional Train Wreck

Remember those times in your teens when you would be waiting for that important person to call and you’d look at your phone incessantly just waiting, hoping, it’d beep or ring or just do something instead of playing the role of torturer?

That’s what the weekend feels like when you are longing for an answer from a possible employer and it can wreck your state of being as your mind wanders into financial territories and self doubt land.

Neither of which will help move the weekend along faster. But what are you to do when that same time, the glorious weekend!, is the exact opposite feeling for those you’re waiting on to reply?


In short, it’s the catch 22 you do not want to get caught in and yet there it is.

Having gone through it I appreciate even more how wonderful it is to have plans during the weekend and approach the week with more respect than I had in the past.

I have become better at using the weekend as a time to prepare for the week instead of simply trying to get through the two days that seem to go on for ever.

How have you handled this experience? What suggestions or tools would you recommend to help navigate the dreaded weekend downtime?

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