Weekly Status Updates 2009-03-11

  • In less than 1 min the sold out audience is going to erupt. Here come the Watchmen! I’m out with emma, drew, jacek, and kristin. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • is about to begin a weekend of acting type stuff – rehearsing The Misanthrope (Oronte) today and location scouting in Hartford, CT tomorrow. #
  • is browsing around Hartford snapping pix as the location scouting continues – ahead of schedule. #
  • is happily back in NY relaxing with emma and the kittens after a long day of scouting locations in Hartford, CT and hanging out with Gram. #
  • thinks it’s a good night to say “It’s a good night.” So… “It’s a good night.” #
  • does not enjoy waking up in darkness; it was bright last week. Why do we continue to use something that began in 1918 aka Daylight Savings?! #

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