Weekly Status Updates 2009-03-29

  • is going to the IL’s for a mighty fine breakfast (baked french toast) and then it’s off to the indoor mountains at The Rock Club. #
  • feels great in that “Whoo hoo!” kind of way thanks to a phenomenal breakfast & at least 8 successful climbs. Now… It’s time to enjoy 1101. #
  • is city bound to pick up Alex, hey bub see you in a few minutes, then it’s dinner at Gobo and a show – Earthly Delights. #
  • saw a Garden of Earthly Delights but had more delight w/the company than the show. A beautiful show w/stunning music but I couldn’t connect. #
  • wishes lines could be memorized the same way he picks up new tech. Argh! Rhyming couplets are winning the fight. Brain power… Activate! #
  • is sharing a secret with you, keep it on the down low. This is how Ali & I get stuff on the cheap: http://tinyurl.com/dbh238 Remember. Shh! #
  • bought and redirected (to http://castgp.com) a new domain for his acting/theatre/film endeavors: http://casthim.com #
  • hello world.rtf http://tinyurl.com/ccponm #
  • created a free drop.io account (http://drop.io/garyploski) for future use of media sharing, conference calls w/real time media share, etc. #
  • wonders how easy/difficult it would be to change all his account user names to include one (or many) OpenID user names. #
  • added easy authentication to his .com with http://rpxnow.com. Post a comment with a user name|password you already use on popular sites! #
  • wonders what sites actors use to find auditions, post their resume, etc. And to the directors, where do you look for actors online? #
  • posted a new blog: If you have a goal it can be achieved. What if you don’t have one? – http://tinyurl.com/cpt68u #
  • will give a guided tour of the apartment (also known as 1101) to his gram at high noon with emma by way of that wacky Skype tech. #
  • is off to Hoboken, NJ (yea, yea, yea) to see Erin McKeown perform at Maxwell’s. Sing along we were all ‘Born to Hum.’ Google it. =D #

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