Weekly Status Updates 2009-04-05

  • is on his way to CT for some improvisational fun aka role playing (ala White Wolf) and to hang with the Gramster for a spell. #
  • caught up on 2 weeks of work email, went to class, & learned about a site that streams top of the line games http://onlive.com to a PC/TV. #
  • asks everyone using Windows XP/Vista to be prepared for the Conficker worm: http://tinyurl.com/d8bac8 #
  • wants every student at SLC to log off and then back on to their Gryphon Mail account. Why? Themes are now available on http://gm.slc.edu. #
  • has had a busy week of evenings: new Invisalign at the DDS, taxes, rehearsing, & catching up on episodes of Heroes. …Taxes again tonight. #
  • entered and filed the 2008 taxes last night & was surprised to receive 2 emails stating that the fed & state returns were accepted already! #
  • is going to catch the 1:55 out of Bronxville. The final destination is Broad St & Wall St for some pillow fight fun. Hope to see you there. #
  • was kept out of the pillow fight because there are too many people according to the police. So sad. Tear. #

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