Weekly Status Updates 2009-04-19

  • wishes everyone the best of luck if they are finishing and filing their taxes on this cool, damp, Wednesday the 15th. Fight-o! Fight-o! #
  • is not working on his film reel. Alas. Instead he is working on something he planned on addressing after the school year finished. Land ho! #
  • had a very difficult time falling asleep last night and is back to digging his virtual waterhole before he needs well water. #
  • has that kid in a candy store feeling. =D Shifting gears… rehearsal for Misanthrope runs from 6-9 tonight. #
  • is getting to bed so he can get up early to be out the door with emma to visit Gram in CT before traffic ‘happens’ on the Cross County. #
  • is reading about 2010. It’s not a fictional piece of work. Nope. It’s all about The Plan. Forward thinking FTW! #
  • wholeheartedly believes that it is going to be a great day! First item of the day… emma and I are off to help the ILs with their tag sale. #
  • had a full day to of sun at 21 with the ILs and emma selling and giving away things at the tag sale. I also managed to write a rough draft. #

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