Weekly Status Updates 2009-04-26

  • feels the chorus resonating within ‘Here come the drums! Here come the drums!’ Step one in a string of steps is nearly complete! What a day. #
  • feels Grrreat! #
  • is really impressed with this software (broadcast & stream live). The Boston Marathon: http://tinyurl.com/cfbphd #
  • cut out the negative because it’s all about positivity! Will tonight be the night? #
  • has a confirmation number, 565444, because his boss gave him permission. #
  • had a great “Michelle” rehearsal & is now hanging out with the kittens & emma. Our brains need a break from thinking. Tonight is the night. #
  • just thought an über positive thought to his Gram hoping that she’ll have a grand smile on her face when emma and I arrive tomorrow morning. #
  • and emma spent over 1.5 hours talking with Gram last night about racism, baby names, last names, marriage, religion, work, etc. Thanks Gram. #
  • finished rehearsing a few minutes ago and is now attending the largest free poetry festival in NY. Where you ask? At SLC. #

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