Weekly Status Updates 2009-05-10

  • is facing the week, head on, with a focused and driven desire to make it all happen in the best way possible with the best results possible. #
  • ate a quick dinner, rehearsed ‘Michelle’ for 40 min, and will begin The Misanthrope tech/dress rehearsal in a few minutes. #
  • had a blast in tonight’s Misanthrope run. If you are in the area and want to hear some rhyming comedy, Moliere style, you have two chances. #
  • is waiting for the ‘places’ call! #
  • is sending out thanks… To the audience of The Misanthrope & to the SLC student body for taking time to complete the first SLC Tech Survey. #
  • is about to break into rhyme. Call is 30 min! 🙂 #
  • wrapped up The Misanthrope tonight. One show under the belt with one more to go. Energy… Fading. #
  • thinks it is really cute that Cthulhu is lying on the bed with one paw resting on my left forearm purring herself to sleep. #
  • is installing Windows 7 (via Parallels) with great hopes that it truly is ‘better’ than Vista. #
  • feels the weight of life on his mind and body tonight. Tomorrow is a day of acting – film and theatre. Maybe I’ll even see a film with emma. #
  • is on set with lines learned and costume on. The day is officially in motion. #
  • misses his Gram. Rest in peace. #

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