Weekly Status Updates 2009-06-21

  • challenges everyone to join the masses and comment on this pic of Cthulhu and chan – http://bit.ly/21n7z – Can you? Will you? )dingdingding( #
  • wonders if anyone he knows has ever been to Bermuda. If you have, would you be open to sharing your thoughts and experience? Graci. #
  • has a raffle ticket with the number 922015 and thinks it won’t win anthing. What have you won, dear netizens, that I no longer can? #
  • decided that it’s a great day to learn lines outside. And so, it begins. “Today’s The fifth anniversary. I’ve been taking the pills…” #
  • feels like he could climb a few more 5.9s but is going to go home to eat and then install 8GB of fun instead. 🙂 Squee! #

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