Weekly Status Updates 2009-07-05

  • cannot believe the USA is winning 2-0 at the half in the final against Brazil in the Confederations Cup! =O Squee! #
  • counts… 1, 2, 3 episodes left to the second season of Burn Notice! Glee! Dinner and Burn Notice. Mmm mmm good. #
  • is running Firefox 3.5. It is faster! Tab Mix Plus users – an alpha is available. Head over to firefox.com & upgrade that browser of yours. #
  • asks for 30 seconds. Click College Scholarship http://bit.ly/196Cmj count to 10 close page click The Cove http://bit.ly/YAgkE repeat.DOMO! #
  • wonders if you’re a (theatre, movie, poetry, etc) fan: http://bit.ly/24IpJ It costs nothing to play And by play I mean click. end of line =) #
  • is 20 away from 100 fans on his Facebook Acting Page. Have you seen me in a show or a film? Are you a sorta- semi- fan? http://bit.ly/24IpJ #
  • is walking in the rain. It is a b e a uti ful rain! #
  • watched and recommends the 2006 documentary “HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes” (video: http://bit.ly/A3f9z info:http://bit.ly/j0XCV). #
  • added more pictures to his Facebook Actor Page http://bit.ly/dT7Gg and will add even more before the day is out. Fwoosh! #
  • just spent an hour on the balcony with emma, Cthulhu, and Magneto. Breakfast, laughs, & peace. Ahh. Happy Independence Day U.S. of A. #
  • is having a difficult time separating the events in Iran w/the sporadic sounds (aka booms) happening from the N, E, W, & S …in solidarity. #

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