Weekly Status Updates 2009-07-26

  • had a Dr. Who 'Fantastic!" weekend with (deep breath): emma, Q, 2 MDs, mil, Alex, Drew Victoria & their partiers, BT, Cyber, & C'thu & Mags. #
  • cannot believe that there are people who still consider the idea that the Moon landings were/are fake. 40 years…Congrats & thank you NASA! #
  • just got the bestest of the bestest news from Kazi! Who ever thought NJ would be the answer!? über Squee news! Omedeto Kazi! OMEDETO!!! #
  • added 20 photos from a Feb '08 performance, Jim in Red Cross, to his FB Page http://facebook.com/casthim. This show was absurd in a 72 font! #
  • finished 'Persepolis 2' and then clickety clackety typed away within phpMyAdmin resolving in a cleaned up WordPress database. Succces! =D #
  • was called back (for the movie he auditioned last week) but was asked to do so during his rehearsal time for Othello. Ahh! =) =( <– Indeed. #

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