Weekly Status Updates 2009-08-09

  • has showered, eaten, and is now on the road to Jersey. über thanks to my FIL! In case anyone was wondering, there is no traffic at 4:00 am. #
  • is so happy he was just upgraded. It sounds better in Japan though… "Version up!" (sent at 5:46 am) #
  • landed safely on the ground in Atlanta at 8:04 am and landed safely on the ground elsewhere at around 4:00 pm, er, 5:00 pm. =D Whoohoo! #
  • wondered where the music in his head was coming from and realized it the computer had woken up and was trying to do the same to me. Ahh. #
  • woke up to a Bermudian rooter. Dude, I'm not one of your hens. I guess I'll head down to the beach Mr. Rooster Waker Upper Dude. =D #
  • woke up to a Bermudian rooster. Dude, I'm not one of your hens. I guess I'll head down to the beach Mr. Rooster Waker Upper Dude. =D #
  • is back at the hotel and has uploaded some photos to Facebook while emma naps. In racing it's called a pit stop, except we have no urgency. #
  • is venturing back to the beach after a splendid lunch on site at Wickets, continuation of 'The Victorian Internet', and a visit to the gym. #
  • thinks the rumbling in the distance is NOT a pack of dinosaurs approaching the island. It is possible a T-storm is on its way. Fwoosh! #
  • just spent far too much money but enjoyed every bite of the 'Chocolate Extravaganza' at the Jasmine. Fondue, mousse, fruit & cake, oh my! #
  • canNOT believe it is that time of day again – the beach. Rumpelstiltskin! Simply amazing. 0=) On another note, Anne from Green Gables rocks. #
  • just spent the last morning on the beach. Anne of Green Gables is half finished & packing is practically complete. The journey home begins. #
  • is safely on the ground in Atlanta with emma. Next up, more waiting. At 830 the final leg begins. #
  • is on board and should be airborne in the next 20 min or so. Pending any additional delays of course. Soon I'll say I'm happy to be in NJ. #
  • is baaaaack! Thanks FIL, in advance, for the pick up. How late will the sleep in be tomorrow? Take a guess if'n ya like. #
  • thanks getdropbox.com for syncing all the photos onto their servers as a backup. Unfortunately ping.fm SMS did not work properly to/from NY. #
  • woke up at 6:28 am. 6:28?! Sigh. Got to bed at 1:30. Today was the first day in ages that I woke up feeling refreshed and awake. So strange. #
  • has engaged the warp and/or FTL drive. Where I'm going… I don't need road. Hellooo Sundee! #

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