Weekly Status Updates 2009-08-16

  • would be a fan of any news related to the Tokyo earthquake (7.1 magnitude) that took place this morning. Kazi, is everything OK over there? #
  • is occupying the youngest demographic at Julie & Julia with emma. In addition, I don't remember the last time a theater has been this loud. #
  • extends a huge thanks to http://getdropbox.com for syncing/backing up all the vacation photos while in Bermuda via his laptop. It's free! =) #
  • is having a blast with SubEthaEdit, CSSEdit, Cyberduck, and WordPress MU! TextEdit is running in the background just in case. Giddy giddy. #
  • has the song "I love you. A bushel and a peck." stuck in his head while walking to work. A bushel and a peck. It won't stop. #
  • is about to experience "The Cove" at the Jacob Burns Film Center with emma. This is going to be a very unique film. I'm excited and nervous. #
  • had his mind rattled by "The Cove." An amazing documentary – on par with "Jesus Camp" in my humble opinion. Get out there and see this film! #
  • almost spent more time watching The Wire (5 episodes @ apprx 55 min) then time at work (830-115) today. Season 2: complete, Season 3 begins. #
  • is on his way to "District 9" with emma. Has anyone seen it? What did you think of the concept, CGI, camera work, etc.? #

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