Weekly Status Updates 2009-08-23

  • thanks Kazi for the absolutely necessary quote… "I'm melting." itsumoarigatogozaimasu kazi-sama. #
  • arrived to work and said "Good mornin" to his boss. She raised her hand and said "Hi five!" Hands clapped and a great day was underway. =D #
  • thought it was ridiculous that California Pizza Kitchen has their calorie count in sixths in their menu. Hmm, 1/6 calorie meal count = Fail. #
  • posted his 1st item for sale on ebay: http://bit.ly/QoqRz. It took 7 years and 1 month. When did you sign up for ebay? I got in on 07/21/02. #
  • is at the dentist wrapping up (the first part of) his Invisalign experience. What will happen next? Another molding of my teeth? Let's see. #
  • spent <15 minutes at the dentists office. A new mold was taken for my upper/lower teeth and to expect a call in 4 weeks about new aligners. #
  • is looking for input from librarians, instructional technologists, and other tech staff working in merged departments. http://bit.ly/wC2hm #
  • thinks troubleshooting types will appreciate the ridiculous events involving his Mac Pro & spotty Wi-Fi in his new blog http://bit.ly/12jMFg #
  • wishes everyone from LRMS a fantastic day! I wish I could be with you in Prospect today. #
  • wants to let everyone in the Brooklyn NY area know that a free reading of Othello will begin at 3pm at Saint Philip's Church. Come on down! #

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