Weekly Status Updates 2009-09-20

  • spent the weekend in North Kingston, RI with Gary, Joseph, & emma relaxing, chatting, & eating. And, Pizzetta (Mystic, CT) Daiya pizza FTW! #
  • is embarrassed. Charles Darwin film has no distribution in the USA. It's controversial. Passion of the Christ anyone? http://bit.ly/10LqjN #
  • @Kate_Peters Except the film hasn't been released yet. Also, I'd like to support a film that provides a counter point to a common U.S. view. in reply to Kate_Peters #
  • was told at the annual coop meeting that the hot water issue was resolved. This AM, that information appears to be incorrect. Cold H20 FTL. #
  • is walking into a screening of The Burning Plain at the Jacob Burns film center. The director will be here tonight. Oh la la. 🙂 domo ILs. #
  • finally got around to paying the bills. Why it took <strike>nearly</strike> over half a month to do so… Avoidance? Hm. Fun in the mornin'. #
  • also finally got around to going through to his Facebook Inbox and will now make a banana, honey roasted peanut butter smoothy w/cacao nibs. #
  • is laughing at the manic mood of Magneto. She's going wild. Toss her a toy… RUN RUN RUN SKID BAT SKID BAT SKID BAT. Toss another toy… #
  • forgot that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ Hav yr'self a peg leg of a dee! Yar! #
  • made me Twittah peege look mahr laik mah daht cahm peege. Next I be cleanin the deck then a trip t' Candle 79 fer grub wit Meg and Brittany. #

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