Weekly Status Updates 2009-10-04

  • posted part 14 of his Invisalign experience. See the before & after photos. Oh & ah! =O It's like the circus w/o animals http://bit.ly/9pnnB #
  • is putting a second call out to YouTubers (writers, actors, directors). Do you have a YouTube account? If so, reply with your profile link. #
  • @RobKing21 I can be found on #YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/garyploski in reply to RobKing21 #
  • @pglyman Yep! A short film I shot a scene for (Time's Up) will premiere at the Slick Film Fest on 10/10 at 6pm. It's free – I've been told. in reply to pglyman #
  • @pglyman Correction… Silk City Film Festival 595 Tolland Turnpike. Additional info: http://bit.ly/11sqN8 in reply to pglyman #
  • @pglyman That would be über amazing. Ali will be with me so we can both meet you! in reply to pglyman #
  • would love a high resolution version of Google's Alfred Hitchcock logo. Does anyone have a link to it? My web-fu is failing me. Need sleep. #
  • was told that his Invisalign case was accepted and the new aligner sets should arrive sometime next week. Whoohoo! More plastic pain. Yes! #
  • spent the night designing a business card. How much fun was that? Well, let me tell you, it was as fun as checking your email in the subway. #
  • has some extra credit for you – http://bit.ly/GU7p7. One question, one answer. There is a bonus kharma question too. Do you have it in you? #
  • has extra credit and bonus kharma points waiting for you –> http://bit.ly/GU7p7. I'll throw in a VI IV smile for the first person. 😉 #
  • is off to the original Maurice Sendak show at the Animazing Gallery in Soho with emma and MIL. Have a splendid evening mina'san! Yosh! #
  • congratulates Rio for being selected to host the 2016 Olympics! #
  • @trentlengland Ganbatte/Break a leg. in reply to trentlengland #
  • @trentlengland Did you reply during the play? =o in reply to trentlengland #
  • invites CT artists to add their films, shorts, reels to the new Vimeo Group for CT artists: http://vimeo.com/groups/ctfilm Let's organize! #
  • found Dailymotion was lacking in the same way as Vimeo. No more! CT Filmmakers, actors, writers etc. -> http://dailymotion.com/group/ctfilm/ #
  • thoroughly enjoyed "Anton in Show Business" by Jane Martin at SLC with emma tonight. Congrats to the cast and crew on a great show! #

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