Weekly Status Updates 2009-10-11

  • is very impressed with Vimeo. With ultra clean navigation, simple UI design, high quality video, and widget code… A site to revisit often. #
  • is feeling invigorated with excitement & fear. The perfect combination for a project. Waiting to hear back from someone then… Step two. =D #
  • @trentlengland Domo domo domo. I'm more excited by the idea but the fear of not starting/doing it… Bah. @alysonjane You're his brother too in reply to trentlengland #
  • RT @tweetmeme Livin’ Veg » Woman Paralized & Brain Damaged From Eating Hamburger http://retwt.me/AI0i #
  • wonders if anyone else is experiencing this trouble with Quicktime Pro on 10.6 — http://bit.ly/MINhY #
  • saw a preview of Time's Up & highly recommends that everyone attend the free, yup free, viewing Saturday. Details here: http://bit.ly/1xnmfW #
  • wrote about the age of an actor Vs the age of the character in a new blog series. "Act(ing) Your Age or the Part" http://bit.ly/ORfzO #
  • @RobKing21 Select cold water, add detergent, add clothes, let run. Voila! Cold water FTW. Seriously. Cold water FTW. It's eco-friendly too! in reply to RobKing21 #
  • laughs at all the Twitter auto-follow-bots. Write a random word, get a new follower. Let's try Nike, shoes, Adidas, sneakers, and baseball. #
  • sync'd his Facebook and MySpace accounts w/Twitter… Because it's possible. If this trend continues will Ping.fm disappear? Dun, dun, dun. #
  • sync'd his Facebook and MySpace accounts w/Twitter… Because it's possible. If this trend continues will P … http://lnk.ms/2wTVb #
  • @trentlengland I hope you use variations of the word. There is no sense in losing out to follow-bots. Those auto-bots that is. =O Roll out! in reply to trentlengland #
  • @actorsconnect, your tweets are great but they take up the entire page & more. Any chance of linking to one page with a batch of castings? #
  • is trying out HootSuite after adding the Ping.fm key. This post should update, well, everything. In 3… 2… 1… Fwoosh! Through the tubes #
  • is full of #HootSuite. #Pingfm, #twitter happiness. From one page http://hootsuite.com I/you can manage all your posts and replies. Yosh! #
  • will be very happy when #facebook fixes their database issue that isn't allowing a large number of users to access their profile page. #
  • wonders if anyone out there has any suggestions on what to read or is willing to share their experiences with Google's Adwords. Graci. #
  • has his first Google Ad in "Pending review" status. Will it be approved? Declined?! If it is approved it will run for the weekend as a test. #
  • woke up in a really happy mood! During the night I realized that when I woke up it'd be the weekend. Then I woke up saw emma & kittens. Yes! #
  • @actorsconnect Thanks 4 the link to your site re:castings. I stopped following because they r duplicated in ur tweets & fill my entire page. in reply to actorsconnect #
  • is still waiting for his first Google Adwords ad to be approved. "Pending review" Tick tock, tick, tock. I've read it could take days. #
  • invites everyone to come watch me "cry like a baby" at 6PM tonight (http://bit.ly/1xnmfW). You will want to laugh at my pain/tears. It's OK. #
  • @trentlengland I should ask you how it went last night! Congrats on the opening! I'll have more details on "Time's Up" tonight/tomorrow. in reply to trentlengland #
  • is sitting down to a bruschetta pizza at Baki's in Prospect with emma and me mudda after a great comic pick up at Legends. 🙂 #

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