Weekly Status Updates 2009-11-15

  • read that GOP members stated that they agreed with 80% of the details of the Health Care Reform bill in Sept & Oct yet only 1 voted YEA. Huh #
  • is ready for January!!! Well, I'm ready for someone to be in the area in January! Yosh! Yatta! Sugoi! #
  • now uses Twitter more than Facebook due to the change made a couple weeks back. (Live and News Feed) Thanks #HootSuite. #
  • is über excited that his feet, knees, etc. won't hurt soon! Orthotics! Preventative health care FTW! PS: They are not covered by insurance. #
  • is really happy that anyone using a iPhone or iPod Touch can watch Vimeo videos! "Time's Up" awaits: http://bit.ly/P8EE3 #
  • added his Twitter account to his Linkedin profile. Twitter's blog about it: http://bit.ly/V9Aju #
  • @SoaringSpirit I just wanted to say I really appreciate your positive approach to challenges in the artistic world & life. =D Happiness FTW! in reply to SoaringSpirit #
  • RT @livinveg: Bid on Fab Auction Items and Vacation Packages to Help Raise Money for Humane Education! http://bit.ly/YUm5K #
  • Über change in just 28 days! RT @livinveg: Dr. Oz Turns Meat Loving Cowboy Vegan! – http://bit.ly/3WEAks #
  • Just nominated HootSuite for Best Twitter App http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards #
  • Just nominated garyploski for Best Actor/Actress to Follow http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards #
  • @SoaringSpirit lol Based on your schedule I'll try to fit you in before the world "ends" in 2012. FYI I'll be @ the CT Film Fest presenting. in reply to SoaringSpirit #
  • @SoaringSpirit I'm everywhere! It's my day job and personal interest. FB Profile Twitter MySpace at: garyploski FB Fan page: casthim in reply to SoaringSpirit #
  • found free parking in the city! #
  • was just told Gov. Paterson is in the building. Let the festivities begin! #
  • is home. Is tired. And is not ready for tomorrow… Wait! It's only 10 minutes away!!! Run! Run around… in circles. RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES! #
  • http://bit.ly/MSiIm Huffpost – 10-Year-Old Won't Pledge Allegiance To A Country That Discriminates Against Gays #
  • stands, er sits, with Will Phillips's silent protest of the Pledge of Allegiance. #
  • had an incredible work week, a great short film rehearsal, a really nice dinner w/emma & hung out w/Jacek & Kristin at his new place. Ah. #
  • From the AP, FACT CHECK: Palin's book – http://bit.ly/n5t5 #
  • back from today's shoot. "Honey, I'm home." a student film. Tomorrow is the last day of shooting. #

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